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FizFit Bodyweight Conditioning and Kettlebell Resistance training experts to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.
Based on military-style training to quickly and safely build strength, increase your endurance and recovery FizFit Workouts has been a proven weight-loss and fitness program that uses no machine weights instead a variety of challengening exercise routines to improve your aerobic and anerobic conditioning for General Physical Preparedness

Be personally challenged


Classes are structured for everyone, especially if you have no experience.

Add resistance training to your existing fitness routine to mix it up and strengthen your joints in a safe and structured training program.

Why train with us?
We are the first and most experienced Certified Kettlebell Trainers and Examiners gym in S.E.Asia since 2007 so you can learn how to use the kettlebell safely and injury-free!

Learn real world self-defense skills


Unleash the skills of our flagship program: Crazy Monkey Defense Boxing for the everyday person.
Fundamental boxing skills delivered in a systematic platform for an effective stand-up game. Understand the crucial differences in distance management for a highly effective defensive strategy against strikes, kicks and takedowns.
Used by public and private security worldwide, CMD Boxing gyms are present in 12 countries worldwide and is designed for the everyday guy and girl. You do not have to be an elite athlete to learn and be in this team!

Build your inner game


Learn how to focus in the midst of chaos and thrive! Real inner game skills you can apply to your life and career – not only in self-defense.

We maintain that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is primarily a martial art then secondarily a sport that effectively addresses a specific fighting distance at one extreme and one of the few BJJ academies in the region that provides this kind of instruction. Classes are provided by an experienced and careful 1st Degree Black Belt instructor for all levels, especially beginners.

I think it is important to articulate what makes our programs different, and why we are not simply just teaching people how to 'fight'. There are loads of organisations, etc. dedicated simply to the fighting stuff - I have always wanted what I do, and the programs we teach to be more. It's really about being brave in a world where modern martial arts seems to have only two directions, reality based or competition. While these are cool, there's so much more we can achieve if we look at what we do from a life performance approach, along with teaching functional martial skills, and offering environments for personal challenge.


Dr. Rodney King (July 2017)

Team Trainers



Head Coach
Vince is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bronze Gloves CMD Boxing trainer, FizFit Head Trainer, Kettlebell Teacher Level 2 and shares over 30 years of training experience to supercharge your fitness goals.



Assistant Coach
Patrick is a Blue Gloves CMD Boxing trainer and 2nd Degree Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and will guide you to become a better boxer and kick boxer.



FizFit Trainer
Sanjay brings over 10 years of fitness training experience to steer you in the right direction with bodyweight conditioning, Rucking and multiple workout disciplines



Kettlebell Trainer
Max is a 2016 Gold Medallist Kettlebell champion lifter and shares his extensive training knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals from beginner to advanced kettlebell techniques