Forged on the Streets, Deployed on the Battlefield, used in Everyday Life!

  • Learn real world self-defense skills, applied by the best warriors in the world

    Unleash the skills of our flagship program: Crazy Monkey Defense Boxing and the grappling techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that caters for the everyday person

  • Build your inner game. Real inner game skills you can apply to your life and career - not only in self-defense

    Learn how to focus in the midst of chaos and thrive!

  • Get in amazing shape, build strength, plus it's awesome fun. Our workout sessions are never boring

    FizFit Bodyweight Conditioning and Kettlebell Resistance training experts to lead you to a healthier lifestyle

  • Be personally challenged, but not hyper-competitive. Classes are structured for anyone, especially if you have no experience

    We train for Fun, not always for Trophies

"..we are not simply just teaching people how to fight.."

I think it is important to articulate what makes our programs different, and why we are not simply just teaching people how to 'fight'. There are loads of organisations, etc. dedicated simply to the fighting stuff - I have always wanted what I do, and the programs we teach to be more. It's really about being brave in a world where modern martial arts seems to have only two directions, reality based or competition. While these are cool, there's so much more we can achieve if we look at what we do from a life performance approach, along with teaching functional martial skills, and offering environments for personal challenge.

Rodney King (July 2017)

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