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Looking to get in shape? Yes, we can help you lose a few kilos or gain some strength

Want to learn a skill because regular gyms are boring? Yep, we have got you covered there too.

Wanted to learn about personal safety but got sidelined into submission grappling sport? We’ll help you recognize the differences and set you on the right path!

Concerned about your safety? We’ve been teaching personal safety courses since 1993!

Are you over 40 want to get in shape but concerned about keeping up with the young guns or your joints? We have plenty of ways to keep you in the game and have fun getting there!

Looking for a community of like-minded people to share your passion for fitness and self defense? Look no further!

Forged on the Streets, Deployed on the Battlefield, used in Everyday Life!

Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) Boxing, is a system of modern martial arts developed by world renowned martial artist and inner management coach Rodney King. CMD has been endorsed, and applied by real world warriors. Now that same system is available to you!

We train for personal growth and stress management not for medals or pride.
CMD Malaysia is the choice of successful business professionals who enjoy a positive martial arts experience.

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Learn a dynamic, real boxing based program that will help you:

  • Learn real world self-defense skills, applied by the best warriors in the world

    Unleash the skills of our flagship program: Crazy Monkey Defense Boxing and the grappling techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that caters for the everyday person

  • Build your inner game. Real inner game skills you can apply to your life and career - not only in self-defense

    Learn how to focus in the midst of chaos and thrive!

  • Get in amazing shape, build strength, plus it's awesome fun. Our workout sessions are never boring

    FizFit Bodyweight Conditioning and Kettlebell Resistance training experts to lead you to a healthier lifestyle

  • Be personally challenged, but not hyper-competitive. Classes are structured for anyone, especially if you have no experience

    We train for Fun, not always for Trophies

We are not simply just teaching people how to ‘fight’

I think it is important to articulate what makes our programs different, and why we are not simply just teaching people how to ‘fight’. There are loads of organisations, etc. dedicated simply to the fighting stuff – I have always wanted what I do, and the programs we teach to be more. It’s really about being brave in a world where modern martial arts seems to have only two directions, reality based or competition. While these are cool, there’s so much more we can achieve if we look at what we do from a life performance approach, along with teaching functional martial skills, and offering environments for personal challenge.Coach Rodney King (June 2017)

Crazy Monkey Defense is a global program, taught in over 15 countries around the world. Created by South African born martial artist Rodney King, Crazy Monkey has been taught to special force operators, law enforcement teams, right through to the everyday guy and woman.

Strength & Conditioning PROGRAMS

 FizFit Workout classes

Every Monday to Thurdays 6pm to 8pm & Saturday mornings 10am

Kettlebell Training

Monday & Wednesday: Beginner classes 7pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm & 7pm Advanced and Intermediate classes

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Learn more about FizFit and Kettlebell classes
Learn more about FizFit and Kettlebell classes

What Our Clients Say

Giving CMD 5 Stars

It’s my sanctuary! The trainers are excellent and knowledgeable in their particular field. Never a boring day at CMD! It’s always a kick-ass and fun at the same time session. Trainers are always keeping the class fresh and interesting (imagine rolling with Westlife playlist)

Atmosphere is amazing and motivating, you’ll love the blue and yellow hue, it lights up the mood!

LADIES! If you’re interested in doing BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) CMD is the right place to start your BJJ career. Vince ( very gentle and sweet but extremely lethal black belt instructor) will break down the moves and explain thoroughly why it is or isn’t working. Don’t feel intimidated by sweaty guys sparring and trying to choke each other out. We’re like family here. These people will work with you and make sure you get it right. I never felt judged, only encouraged to keep going. Its impossible to feel left out here at CMD.Farrah (May 2016)

CMD adds value to my life

I was looking to revive my amateur martial arts experience, which took an indefinite sabbatical over 10 years ago, and preferred to try something completely new and exciting. Bumped into [a current CMD member], then yourself within a span of a few days, and figured it was “fate”. Read about the program from your website, checked out the FB page and the related links to the program overseas, and decided it was definitely worth a punch or two. Came in and met a few of the instructors on the first look-see visit; and thereafter the first class with Bruce, and i was sold.

I think besides the fact that its most definitely the most comprehensive martial arts package you can find out there for defense and confidence, your venue (convenience, i.e. 7 minutes literally from my home + easy parking), but more so, your team’s the hook. You’ve trained a great bunch of guys who not only motivate you to continuous look forward to their classes, but also they have no inhibitions and are totally approachable. The totally crazy bunch of weirdos you have as members also doesn’t hurt.. ;o) I usually stick to whatever i start, but its gotta be something i can recognize the value for the time and commitment spent – and i can truly say, with no hesitation, CMD adds value to my life, for ‘shizzle my nizzle’… and i’m so looking forward to learning all there is to know (plus some) the complete CMD program has to offer. True story… cos’ when i grow up, i wanna be like sifu Vince Choo! ;o)

Besides, giving me a great work out, its so far achieved the initial objectives of helping me with martial arts knowledge (though after yesterday’s session, i’m so focused on learning more, as obviously i’m far from being able to hold my own). I’m enjoying the boost in confidence and discipline

Would you recommend CMD Malaysia to other people?

Always improving, always facing new challenges, always a good workout, are some of the reasons I keep coming back.

I joined the CMD Malaysia boxing partly for fitness, and partly for self-defense. Having no experience in grappling arts, I later joined the BJJ program out of curiosity. Both programs are self-defense oriented, focusing on simpler techniques for realistic situations that one may encounter. The programs are structured and I feel are beginner friendly, emphasising good technique over strength or physique. A progress tracker gives me clear vision of what I have accomplished and where I am headed. The best part of the programs is the trainers. They have been patient from the beginning, never condescending or overzealous. They ensure the classes are always lively, fun, and stepping up the intensity to match our progress. Fellow gym members are always friendly, frequently giving positive feedback. Thanks to this program, I have achieved my initial fitness goals and beyond. I feel that the performance under stress and emotional control has carried over to other aspects of my daily life. Always improving, always facing new challenges, always a good workout, are some of the reasons I keep coming back.Johann (May 2016)