My joy lies in sharing my knowledge and coaching my clients. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction I get from seeing my clients improve over time and becoming better after first walking into the gym is immeasurable.

Vince Choo

A lifelong student of martial arts since 1978, Vince has put in the time to learn from some of the world’s best martial arts instructors.

An initial exposure to Chinese martial arts at the Chin Woo Martial Arts Association Kuala Lumpur did little to hold his interest as he was restricted to learning empty hand forms as a child.

At primary school he discovered the Judo club he was introduced to the concept of sparring and has been fascinated with the dynamic movements ever since.

Disillusioned by the amount of politics found in the local martial arts/ karate scene, fanned further by the overt displays of narcissism and greed after being involved in the regional and state level karate organizations he sought out a more authentic martial arts experience which also provided a healthy, positive philosophy and serendipitously met Rodney King at a martial arts seminar in Singapore around 2005.

His motivation to continue providing self preservation classes was furthered by an incident near his residence that left a deep impression on how vulnerable we all are when subjected to physical and mental stress and ever since then he has been providing talks, seminars and workshops to the community at large.

Martial arts training | Instructor:

  • Chin Woo Wushu Southern Shaolin Long Fist style (MY) : various
  • Judo (MY) : The late Grandmaster Goh Thong Mong
  • Shotokan Karate (GB/USA) : Mill Hill Karate Club, KUGB, SKIF UK, SKIF-USA, SKIF-Hawaii, Karate Association of Hawaii
  • Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association (USA) : Kevin Funakoshi
  • Ishinryu Karate (GB) : Vic Charles
  • Gojukai Karate (GB) : Chris Rowen
  • Shitoryu Karate (MY): Lee Chee Keong
  • Danzenryu Jujitsu (USA) : Kainoa Li
  • Kissakikai Karate  (MY) : Vince Morris
  • Koryu Uchinadi (MY) : Nobert Foerster
  • Shorinji Kempo (GB) : Mizuno Sensei
  • Muso Shindo Ryu Iaido (USA) : Takahashi Eiichi / Tom Helm

Crazy Monkey Defense Program
Certification : Coach(es)
Since 2003~ CMD Boxing Bronze Gloves Trainer : Rodney King & Eric Kolesar
2007 Weaponize Your Body Level 1 Certified : Rodney King
2015 Weaponize Your Body: Edge Level 1 Certified : Rodney King

Firearm Training
2013 S.E.R.T. Certified Pistol Operator : Raymond Loh, Kelvin Lee
2014 S.E.R.T. Defensive Handgun Certified (1) : Raymond Loh, Kelvin Lee

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Year : Rank : Instructor
Nov 2002 Began Training : Samuel Wee
2004 Blue Belt : Samuel Wee
2006 Purple Belt : John Will
2008 Purple Belt 1 degree : Rodney King
2009 Brown Belt : Rodney King
2010 Brown Belt 1 degree : Rodney King
2013 Brown Belt 2 degree : Rodney King
2014 Brown Belt 3 degree : Rodney King
2015 Black Belt : Rodney King 4th degree Black Belt
2018 Black Belt 1 Degree : Rodney King

Japanese Karate
British Shotokan Shinboku Karate Association 1st Dan black belt : Charles Mack (1983)
Shotokan Karate International Federation 2nd Dan black belt : Kanazawa Hirokazu
Shotokan Karate International Federation 3rd Dan black belt : Kanazawa H.
Shotokan Karate International Federation 4th Dan black belt : Kanazawa H.
Kissaki-kai Karate-do 4th Dan black belt : Vince Morris (Nov 1997)
Kissaki-kai Karate-do 5th Dan black belt : Vince Morris (Jan 2003)

Strength & Conditioning
I.K.F.F. Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1 : Steve Cotter (2007)
I.K.F.F. Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 2 : Steve Cotter (2008)
Certified Personal Trainer : NESTA (2005)
Certified Core Conditioning Specialist : NESTA (2006)
Certified Circuit Training Instructor : NESTA (2005)