Head Coach

My joy lies in sharing my knowledge and coaching my clients. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction I get from seeing my clients improve over time and becoming better after first walking into the gym is immeasurable.

Vince Choo

Everybody’s got a story to tell

A lifelong student of martial arts since 1978, Vince has put in the time to learn from some of the world’s best fitness and martial arts instructors available.

He has been providing martial arts lesson for this community beginning in 1994 teaching Karate, later on teaching Crazy Monkey Defense in 2003 at Jalan Medang Serai, Bangsar, and the gym has grown to the present venue today: a full-time, dedicated professional training space that is clean, safe and comfortable for all members and visitors to CMD at Jalan Riong established in 2011. The gym space features light and airy atmosphere, with fully matted floors (high quality triple density HDPE Foam rated for MMA training), fully air conditioned with a pro-shop, featuring in-house designed training apparel. All necessary training equipment is provided for the convenience of our members.

I am constantly seeking out better teachers to improve my communication and presentation  skills, technical abilities and how to help my clients become better than they were yesterday in both group and private training settings. I seek out safer, more effective methods from people who know more than me and are subject matter experts so that I can share those experiences and knowledge to improve you. Although I have been training for a while I do not claim to know it all; it’s impossible, I don’t think that highly of myself so any accomplishments and successes are achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants; my sensei, sifu, coach, professors, masters, teachers, guides, mentors, clients, students and support team.

What to expect training at this gym
It’s pretty nerve-wracking the first time walking into a martial arts gym. You don’t know what to expect and unsure of how you will be received.

Know that you will never be treated like a punchbag or bullied. We are here to empower individuals and provide education on why bullying is wrong. We provide a safe learning environment to build trust and to expose our vulnerabilities. We share this experience together and seek a win-win outcome for everyone. The desired goal is to discover the weakest links of your game as well as the strengths to build on. This may be uncomfortable for some but very necessary to have a clear understanding of your present capabilities. If you are uncomfortable in dealing with being pushed out of your comfort zone via challenge drills, you will need to re-examine your personal goals and your reasons for wanting to train with us. Perhaps martial arts or self defense training is not the right fit for you.

Whether it is in the self defense training, martial arts or fitness programs, we constantly remind ourselves that once we were beginners too. If you are looking to lose a few kilo, tone up and get in shape with longevity and overall wellness in mind then give us a try. If you want to get huge, body build, smash personal records’s then you’ll be better off at a competitive body building or crossfit-type gym. We don’t train to compete with others but for personal growth and enjoyment.

We are not a competition-focused gym rather we seek to honour the original intentions of martial arts; that is, for personal safety and the protection of our loved ones as the primary motivator. Sports and the competitive element is important and not neglected but lies a close second on our list of importance as having an athletic base is vital to achieving personal safety objectives. We would like our clients to be confident in knowing how to defend themselves effectively first before being able to win medals. These two pursuits share the same mindset but involve different skill sets and we educate our clients on these crucial differences.

While we do our best to communicate the techniques and training protocols in each group lesson, be reminded that these are group classes and we work with a group of people. You will also need to work with others. Should you require more time or attention to work on learning the techniques, please take in a deep breathe, focus your attention to what is being shown and work alongside your training partner on the given task at hand. We don’t judge anyone on their ability or lack of, in learning these skills. It is difficult at the beginning and more so if you are distracted from earlier events during your day or frustrated at getting the technique. It is your sole obligation to remember the techniques being taught and we ensure we provide examples of when you can apply these techniques. You have to put in the effort to learn and apply them. We cannot make that happen for you magically.

We aim to provide a professional learning experience based on a fair monetary exchange subject to market forces so you know that our rates are competitive and fair. After all, we have rent to pay, staff salaries and taxes to pay too. We encourage people of all ages and walks of life to try our programs but also realise that not everyone likes what we do nor are the programs suitable for them so there is a trial period for us to get to know each other.

Much work and effort is committed in building a family-feel community where we joke with and tease each other but we are also there to support one another. We are not here to put each other down, life already does a good job at that, rather we try to boost each other to get through another day. By all means, we are not the only way to achieve this but it’s a healthier way to deal with life’s unexpected punches and kicks.

I look forwards to meeting you if you are considering trying out any of the programs at our facility.

Please reach out to us or any of our Front Desk team, coaching team for any questions you may have and we will try our best to address your queries.

Best training,

Vince Choo

My martial arts and fitness related training history below:

Crazy Monkey Defense Program | Year : Level : Coach

  • 1986 : Started Boxing in London, UK
  • 2003 : CMD Boxing Bronze Gloves Trainer : Rodney King & Eric Kolesar
  • 2007 : Weaponize Your Body Level 1 Certified : Rodney King
  • 2015 : Weaponize Your Body: Edge Level 1 Certified : Rodney King