The Method

Who is the driving force behind Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia?

My story isn’t unusual.

I’ve been a lifelong student of martial arts since 1978.

I’ve put in time and effort to learn whatever captured my interest at the time and whomever had the knowledge willing to teach me.

My exposure to Chinese martial arts, rather the modern Wushu tradition, did little to hold my interest even though I was segued into a well known Wushu Kwoon in my hometown of Kuala Lumpur.

At school there was a Judo dojo and I practiced that for a while at various locations in the city until I left for school in the United Kingdom.

The lengthy certifications I’ve achieved came about as a result of my curiosity and drive to unlock the “secret” martial arts techniques.

How to become better? What is better? What works better? Which takes less effort?


To be continued.