The Method

Who is the driving force behind Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia?

I’ve been a lifelong student of martial arts since 1978.

I’ve put in time and effort to learn whatever captured my interest at the time and whomever had the knowledge willing to teach me.

My initial exposure to martial arts did little to hold my interest even though I was segued into a well known Wushu Kwoon in of Kuala Lumpur.

At school there was a Judo dojo and I practiced that for a while at various locations in the city until I left for school in the United Kingdom.

The lengthy certifications I’ve achieved came about as a result of my curiosity and drive to unlock the “secret” martial arts techniques.

There is an internal debate on what I do exactly, whether it is an art or a craft. Whether it generates an emotional or functional outcome. On one hand it is a craft in that it learned and can be quantified and can be taught to others, functional in nature with clear set objectives; while on the other, a sense of confidence and mental focus as well as play are quickly released from the shackles of the daily trudge of work and chores is akin to a song or a piece of art that speaks to you stirring up the emotions of happiness, frustration, accomplishment and more. Art?

I aim to do what I do as it gives me a sense of freedom and allows my mind and body to play and move as nature permits. And as with many things, there isn’t only one way but many paths to your personal fulfillment and joy.

My personal goals for training will be different from yours and over time your will slowly change as you change physically and mentally.

I will be happy to share my knowledge with you in any of the following areas:

Crazy Monkey Defense Program
Certification : Coach(es)
Since 2003~ CMD Boxing Bronze Gloves Trainer : Rodney King & Eric Kolesar
2007 Combat Intelligent Athlete Level 1 Certified : Rodney King
2015 Combat Intelligent Athlete Edge Level 1 Certified : Rodney King

2013 S.E.R.T. Certified Pistol Operator : Kelvin Lee
2014 S.E.R.T. Defensive Handgun Certified (1) : Kelvin Lee

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legacy: Carlos Gracie Jr. > Rigan Machado > Rodney King > Vince Choo > You!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Year : Rank : Instructor
2002/3 Began Training: Samuel Wee
2004 Blue Belt: Samuel Wee
2006 Purple Belt : John Will
2008 Purple Belt 1 degree: Rodney King
2009 Brown Belt: Rodney King
2010 Brown Belt 1 degree: Rodney King
2013 Brown Belt 2 degree: Rodney King
2014 Brown Belt 3 degree : Rodney King
2015 Black Belt : Rodney King 4th degree Black Belt

Japanese Traditional Karate
British Shotokan Shinboku Karate Association 1st Dan black belt : Charles Mack
Shotokan Karate International Federation 2nd Dan black belt: Hirokazu Kanazawa
Shotokan Karate International Federation 3rd Dan black belt: Hirokazu Kanazawa
Shotokan Karate International Federation 4th Dan black belt : Hirokazu Kanazawa
Kissaki-kai Karate-do 5th Dan black belt : Vince Morris

Strength & Conditioning
I.K.F.F. Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1 : Steve Cotter
I.K.F.F. Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 2 : Steve Cotter
Certified Personal Trainer: NESTA
Certified Core Conditioning Specialist: NESTA
Certified Circuit Training Instructor: NESTA