39 things that I’ve learned from 39 years of martial arts training


Focus and mindfulness is a practiced skill and as valuable as your physical techniques Setting larger goals and smaller objectives to help you succeed You don’t always get back what you’ve put in but you will learn something about yourself, your training partners or from that situation. You need to be observant of the situation and how you react to … Read More

The journey continues


There are many clichĂ©s about training in the martial arts and none ring truer than the personal journey that is yours alone but to travel far is to travel together. So with no further adieu my deepest thanks to Professor Rodney for awarding and recognising me with 1st degree Black Belt and I’m proud to be representing Monkey Jits and … Read More

When being under stress is beneficial

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What is it about martial arts which involve a struggle between the internal (against yourself/memory/timing/instinct/courage/fear/stress, etc.) and the external (your training partner/their skill/ movement/knowledge/the unknown/the unpredictability, etc.) that attracts us? Others may discover this struggle via yoga, lifting weights, learning a new skill and having to take an examination, etc. but nothing quite replicates and authenticates this experience via a … Read More