What am I conducting free personal safety courses for women?

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Firstly, I’m not in a position to comment about the socio-economic climate that breeds the prevalence and crime-wave cancer that is afflicting the country. I’m not a politician or policy-maker but  from Johor to Penang, Malacca to Kuantan, snatch thefts, car jacking, home invasion and personal crime is being highlighted daily. You should be fearful but don’t live in fear. Even … Read More

How you can be a good training partner

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Every so often I will see one of my clients sitting off on the side with their arm wrapped in an ice-pack, brace or support bandages. Other times it may be a black eye, sprained ankle, tweaked knee or damaged finger joint. At times like these, I question what happened to them and why they sustained the injury? Usually the … Read More

Making the most of Open Mats training

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As one of the more popular member benefits of the CMD Program, the Open Mats session is usually well attended. Not because it’s free but because the members have little restriction in deciding how to spend those 2 hours of their Saturday. Often, it is spent sparring and members get a lot of enjoyment and learning from it but is … Read More