The value of attending workshops

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Recently, we had the pleasure to host Coach Rodney King over here in CMD Bangsar to lead a few workshops and it is always a pleasure to watch him in his element. The fascination we hold over celebrity chefs, all foul mouthed yet holding brilliant command over his brow-sweating team of equally talented chefs in steaming hot kitchens or cheering … Read More

The way I see things: So this is how we met…

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Obligatory end of seminar photo 2006 Singapore Early beginnings Back when Rodney was the Head Stand-up (Boxing) Coach for Straight Blast Gym (SBG), he was one of the workshop presenters in a Singapore workshop that was hosted at the Budo Academy Singapore under the SBG banner for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (presented by Matt Thornton) and Boxing/MMA (Rodney King) weekend seminar. … Read More

Old sparring habits are driven by fear

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When we recognise that our game/technique isn’t working well yet we cling onto the existing form, departing from a platform that you’re familiar with, our comfort zone, we are merely giving life to the same fear that keeps us lingering there, paralysed and unwilling to venture beyond into greatness. By starting from the same point origin, do we not set … Read More