Measuring success in your training

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It’s common knowledge at the gym that I’ve been training in different martial arts for a number of years now and one thing that is pretty consistent among all the different arts (at least with Asian martial arts) is the use of belt ranks to represent progress . The colour belt system is widely used in related arts such as …

The Way I See Things: Reflections

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At last evening’s Jiu Jitsu class I briefly touched on various related subjects and I’ll touch on a couple of these topics with the hope that some of these ideas will resonate with you; What are your reasons for training or learning jiu jitsu? For you, what is the best method(s) for attaining these skills and can you commit to …


Benchmark and Performance Goals

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A recent interaction with one of my newer clients left me wondering about whether they set impossibly high standards for themselves, knowing that it could be easier to claim failure to achieve their goal(s) as it was so difficult to attain or if they even set them at all. It really is a very personal and I believe, a vital step to maximise …