Benchmark and Performance Goals

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A recent interaction with one of my newer clients left me wondering about whether they set impossibly high standards for themselves, knowing that it could be easier to claim failure to achieve their goal(s) as it was so difficult to attain or if they even set them at all. It really is a very personal and I believe, a vital step to maximise …

Martial Arts of Life

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A recent incident with CMD Malaysia Trainer, Patrick, put him and his friend’s life on the line and earned him a well deserved recognition of being an “everyday hero”. How much of your training, your ability to remain calm under pressure and knowing how to respond when the safety of your friend is at imminent danger? Patrick’s experience reminds me of the old …

How you can be a good training partner

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Every so often I will see one of my clients sitting off on the side with their arm wrapped in an ice-pack, brace or support bandages. Other times it may be a black eye, sprained ankle, tweaked knee or damaged finger joint. At times like these, I question what happened to them and why they sustained the injury? Usually the …