Champion on and off the mats

This month I’d like to share a real story on one of our CMD members whose achievements off the mats mirrors his attitude and focus while training on the mats at CMD Malaysia:

His story is unique in that the lessons learnt on the mats via martial arts as the conduit has helped him achieve new heights in his extra-curricular pursuits. Read on here.











My name is Afif. I have been training at Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD) Malaysia for 5 years now. CMD Malaysia is definitely of the best places to train boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Malaysia. I especially like the philosophy of play and flow for martial arts. The CMD system of self defense also appeals to me as it uses a very effective approach to deal with the chaos during a fight. However, what sets apart CMD from other martial arts is the Mental Game aspect. I have attended the Mental Game workshops by Rodney a couple of times and only recently, I felt I been able to apply the Mental Game for Sparring mindset in a work environment.

This year, I participated in a hackathon with my friends for experience. For those that are not familiar, a hackathon is an event in which computer programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and project managers, collaborate intensively on software project within 24 hours. It was my responsibility to pitch the viability of the business idea (mobile app) to the judging committee. This was a very new experience to me and I was nervous and had fears. Luck(il)y for me, I have CMD experience and I was able to get myself calm and have positive confident body posture for the presentation. Embodied Mind Perfomance from all the techniques gained in the workshops. It was a satisfying achievement being able to apply that to my daily life out of the mats. Also, we won the grand prize, and also I did it twice. Finally, I also like to thank Coach Vince and all the other trainers at CMD Malaysia.