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Our flagship program is a licensed program originating from Johannesburg, South Africa and has been represented in Bangsar, Malaysia since 2002 focused on effective self preservation, positive mental and personal mastery as its primary goals.

The CMD program focuses primarily on developing boxing and kickboxing skills, dealing with strikes, grabs and kicks both defending against and using empty hand strikes. Beginners will start their journey with the CORE16 module. Complete at least 16 of the foundation skills classes to progress onto our Glove Rank track (White, Blue, Purple, Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Using martial arts as a delivery platform, you are placed in a situation of controlled stress to allow you to apply the lessons and focus strategies to manage it with positive outcomes.

Our courses have been taught to everyday people, housewives, kids, working professionals as well as to specialized law-enforcement and military operatives around the globe. You are not required to be an athlete to start training.

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?
One of the World’s fastest growing martial arts,
“Jiu Jitsu” was introduced to Brazil by Japanese Judo ground fighting experts around 1909 it was developed into the modern martial art that we see today.

The aim of BJJ is to defend yourself by disabling the attacker by means of damaging a major limb at the joint or applying a choke hold to render the assailant unconscious, thereby stopping the assault. It’s signature technique is the use of the closed guard, using the power of both legs and hips to weigh down and restrict the movement of the attacker and also to use them to apply locks and chokes.

In 1993 the introduction of BJJ via the Ultimate Fighting Championships the popularity of this martial art has surged worldwide, much of it due to the effectiveness against many other popular martial arts, definitively settling the age-old argument of which martial arts style is better.

Having the skills in knowing what to do presents a huge advantage even for a smaller, weaker person against an untrained attacker. We believe first and foremost Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a ‘MARTIAL’ Art. We ensure that we focus on teaching our students how to successfully defend themselves with their jiu jitsu. As such we present a cutting edge, up to date, proven approach to self-preservation training. See more about Monkey Jits here

This doesn’t mean that we don’t believe live sparring isn’t important. On the contrary, it is in the roll where you learn to be calm, focused, precise and develop timing. All these ‘skills’ are key in your ability to successfully apply your jiu-jitsu skills in self-preservation. Not withstanding, live rolling is ‘serious’ fun, personally challenging, and where you have the opportunity to experience the flow state.

Thirdly, jiu-jitsu is often said to change people’s lives, first on the mat, and then in the world. We firmly believe this too. Except we don’t leave it to chance. We integrate cutting edge personal development coaching, mindfulness research and performance psychology into our training approach.


With your safety in mind and following government regulation during the CMCO period our workouts are available via • Zoom Virtual (online) instructor led workouts

ClassPass users:

• FizFit is an exercise philosophy to progressively improve your range of movement, cardio and strength using your body weight as resistance. You will learn to work your limbs, joints, tendons and muscles to allow for a natural and full range of movement. Each workout will be different and allows you to improve yourself over time. Workouts is for adults only.

• A series of instructor led exercises are taught over time to increase strength, joint mobility, cardio and to manage your weight.
• Workouts are fun and playful for both women and men
• We don’t care what you look like or what you wear
• We are focused on you becoming healthier, stronger and feeling great
• We provide a supportive, friendly, non-judgemental training environment
• The name FizFit comes from the play on the words “physical” and “fitness” and was started in 2003

Supercharge your health and wellness with a low-tech – high performance training tool. All medical studies repeatedly indicate resistance training and cardio is highly beneficial for your overall health and wellness. Kettlebell training is conducted indoors and is great addition to your overall health and wellness routine.

Your training will be a combination of general physical preparedness training and sport specific (kettlebell sport or nominate your chosen sport) to reinforce and improve your sport performance via a thorough education on correct and safe lifting techniques.

First to introduce kettlebell training to S.E.Asia in 2006 and be certified as Kettlebell Teachers (IKFF)
Coach Vince was a former IKFF (S.E.Asia) Examiner for IKFF

In the News:
Trainer Max wins the Malaysia Open Kettlebell Championship 2016 in the Snatch category