Bangsar Boutique Gym

A dedicated 3,300 sq ft fully equipped with triple-density, heat sealed, anti-microbial, safety mats, wall padding, 5 x 3.0HP air conditioning units, kick shields, focus mitts, loaner boxing gloves, MMA gloves, jiu jitsu gi, kettlebells, power wheels, bar bells, dumb bells, jump ropes, sand bags, resistant bands, and hot water showers, toilets and washbasins, free member’s parking, Pro Shop and a friendly reception desk supported by a licensed team of CMD, Monkey Jits and FizFit/Kettlebell certified trainers is provided as part of your membership. Situated a mere 7-minutes walk from Bangsar LRT and near all the commercial eateries and shopping in Bangsar Baru (11-minutes walk) is really convenient.


As much as we are happy providing a dedicated training facility that has received visitors from near and far, what we are proudest of is the community that has organically developed over time into an environment that is uniquely Malaysian and authentic. People here are supportive, non-judgemental, and friendly. A place where it’s laid-back, where you can have fun and learn at your own pace. A place that you will find yourself visiting often and hanging out with the like-minded people. We don’t claim to be the toughest or largest but we care about what is taught and how you learn.


Hygiene and Safety
We maintain our mats and bathroom areas properly and they are mopped down with hospital-grade anti-fungal and anti-bacteria washes. To date (since 1998) we have maintained a 100% clear record of preventing all skin infections or blood/liquid borne pathogens and infections.


Free Car Parking in Bangsar?
We provided (limited) but free parking for members when they visit us for training.


Pro Shop
Members enjoy a discounted rate on the newest CMD branded gear and often are the first people in the world to enjoy the equipment as we are the providers for the training equipment.

The Pro Shop provides the sales of sports drinks, water, training equipment related to our programs: Boxing gloves (8oz and 10oz sizes), Grappling gloves (6oz sizes) in S,M,L, shin pads, CMD Rank shirts, training shorts, jiu jitsu uniforms and belts, mouth guards, sports tape, casual T-shirts, accessories like key rings, car decals, stickers, etc.

We accept Debit and Credit card payments (Visa/MasterCard) and Cash payments.


Payment Options
All membership subscriptions are on a 12-month auto-debit policy as we have implemented a cashless-paperless (and safer) subscription system. Your Credit or Debit card will be automatically deducted. Registration forms for application, membership suspension or termination are available at the Reception desk and are provided at no cost.