FizFit & Kettlebell Programs

• Tee-shirt, training shorts recommended
• Bring a face towel and drink of water
• No phones during class times
• No food or drinks in the training area
Shoes are not required unless you require them then please wear only indoor shoes
• Showers, toilets and changing rooms on site
• Free parking for members
• Check out your workout pictures on our Instagram and Facebook
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Beginners: Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm
• Learn the basic lifts: Kettlebell swing, clean and rack, supplementary exercise drills

Intermediate: Tuesday and Thursdays 7pm
• Learn overhead lifts like Press, Push Press, Jerk, Snatch and Turkish Get Up
• 15 Beginner classes minimum required to join the Intermediate class

Advanced: Tuesday and Thursdays 6pm
• Passing the Intermediate Class Physical Test required to join the Advanced class
• Double kettlebells, Juggling and other unusual kettlebell techniques for strength and conditioning

We provide kettlebells at the gym for your use

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Kettlebells are old school weight lifting tools that were used as counter weights for weighing crops. The Russian military requires all candidates to pass a physical fitness test that includes lifting a 24kg kettlebell overhead 50 times each hand because they recognised the physical and mental strength it builds

Kettlebell classes are included as part of your FizFit monthly subscription.

• Vince Choo was the first group to introduce kettlebell training to Malaysia in 2007
• Vince Choo and gym members were the first group to be certified as kettlebell trainers in Malaysia in 2008 by Steve Cotter

Benefits of kettlebell training

• In addition to an overall stronger body working on over 300 kettlebell techniques will tremendously improve your grip strength, core, lower body strength, tone and define your physique
• Improve your back strength and your posture
• Insane levels of cardio capacity without any treadmill running or bicycle spinning
• More flexibility and suppleness
• Kettlebells are standard sizes and are colour coded according to their weight. The lightest we use is 8kg and we provide kettlebells in 2kg increments to 32kg.
• You will learn correct and safe lifting techniques. How far you go depends on your fitness goals.
• While this may sound scary you will be baby-stepped at your own pace towards a stronger, fitter you
• No, you will not become bulky or big muscled sized

Important: All types of weight lifting is not recommended for people with heart disease, joint injuries, muscle damage and pregnant women.