Magic pills, secret techniques and Fast Track™

Today I am in a position to offer you the magic pill that will instantly, and I mean, right now, transform you into a super warrior, walking death machine. You will become all powerful with amazing skills. A mere flick of your wrist will send an attacker flying into the wall. A focused look can literally knock an adversary over and a punch that you deliver will shatter bones without you even breaking a sweat.magic pill

In addition, I will share with you THE secret technique, the secret of all secrets that will make you invincible, all powerful, and prevent you from being attacked ever again. It’s a secret so deep that it has only recently been declassified by top secret government agencies. They didn’t want you or other civilians to know about this as it’s part of the New World Order conspiracy theory that many talk about but only a select handful of people in the world know about. I’m one of them.

Combined, the magic pill and secret technique is known as the Fast Track™.


What? What’s that you say? No, it won’t cost you an arm and leg. It might only cost you a leg but more realistically, if your leg is worth $99.95 you can be the owner of the strongest and fastest punch, be in amazing shape and never train another day again in your lifetime.



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If you are reading this part by now, you will realise that the above was just a satirical post of many “combat proven, spec-op, military special forces, ancient warrior temple secrets that have been passed from generation to generation” are just like that Click Here button. I don’t have the magic pill, in possession of any secret technique nor any fast or slow track programs.

I’ve been around the block (or twice). There are no magic pills or secret techniques. There are no Fast Track, TM or otherwise. I know. I’ve looked high and low for them. They aren’t there. If someone tells you otherwise, I hope you have a very deep wallet or have working mental faculties capable of detecting bullsh*t.

There are, however, an abundance of empty promises, scams and bogus program that incentivize you part with your hard-earned money for a piece of paper, ok, a “Certificate”, and a piece of cloth, ok, a “black belt”, that endows the wearer with instant street cred and “reputation”. I’m not sure what kind of street “cred” or “reputation” they usually refer to and but that “cred” and “reputation” doesn’t put food on the table nor win you any friends and will possess the capacity of invoking quite the opposite effect of what the pill and secret promised to deliver.

In fact, many people secretly harbour feelings of low-confidence, low-self esteem but also in possession of a short-attention span and high need for instant gratification. Confidence tricksters will offer you the “magic pill” that they so desperately want at a price.

These many scams have been around a long time. They may not be as sophisticated as other scams but nonetheless they are designed to part the money from the owner with the promise of low investment and fast and high returns. Too good to be true? Yes, it often is.


While I can’t speak for everyone, my personal experience has been one that your personal ability and skill on the mat has a direct correlation to your understanding of the technique and your ability to translate those techniques learned against a resisting partner. It takes concerted effort, time, sweat, blood, and (in some cases) tears to start seeing progress. On a more positive note, once you start experiencing success, it begins to snowball into other aspects of your training and your skills improve. You improve the “ok” technique into “good” and finally into “excellent” technique. Everything else tags along.

I am asked when “that moment” happens? I can’t say for sure as it varies from one to another but I have noticed that there are some who will pick up these skills faster than others. The ones who learn slowly, like myself, tend to keep at it longer because we realise that we spent so much effort, investment and time acquiring these skills.

I also recognise that these are perishable skills as their effectiveness relies mostly on physical conditioning and timing (as well as knowing the technique itself). I would say all forms of martial arts requires a high degree of athleticism. You will not become athletic through learning the techniques but the techniques require a high physical ability for success.

The moral of this story is to beware of the temptation and promise of fast, powerful, instant fighting ability in 10 easy classes. There isn’t one.

Best training!

CMD Malaysia