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Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia HQ

Crazy Monkey Defense Program is a licensed brand originating from South Africa (more:
 CMD Malaysia has been providing the CMD Boxing programs since 2003 in Bangsar.
 Focused on effective self preservation, positive mental and personal mastery as its primary goals, CMD Boxing serves as a proven method to prepare yourself for the stresses of daily life in your personal as well as your professional

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Your hands are your immediate and most accessible tools that you have with you 24/7.

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You will learn:

  • Fight Spirals: Established Through The Entire Game
  • The 4 Drivers
  • CORE Games
  • Sparring-Mind
  • The CM1 CORE Game (White Gloves)
  • Hunchback Stance
  • CORE Four-Directional Footwork
  • Diving Board Strikes (CM1 & CM2 Game)
  • Rim Shot Range (CM1 Game/Spiral of Confidence)
  • Spiral of Confidence (or Apprehension)
  • Rim Shot Micro-Ranges (CM1 Game)
  • Riding The Storm ( An Entire Game Concept)
  • CM 1 Hand Defence (CM1 Game)
  • Kick CORE
  • The CM2 CORE Game (Blue Gloves)
  • Mid-Range (CM2 Game/Spiral of Dominance)
  • CM2 Micro-Ranges
  • CM2 Hand Defence
  • Sneaky Street Strikes
  • 3-Point Cover (used from CM1, into CM2 to CM3 games)
  • Tactical Brace For Accelerated Recovery
  • The CM3 CORE Game (Purple Gloves)
  • Spiral of Control
  • Straight Jacket Clinch (CM3)
  • Combat Intelligent Athlete
CMD Bangsar
Our focus for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is primarily as a Martial Art first. Our approach to learning Jiu Jitsu as as a tool for personal safety takes priority and a sport second.

You will develop the athleticism and learn the timing from sparring with the necessary modifications to manage strikes and punches.Monkey Jits Program

Apply techniques and strategies that work while remaining in a defensive mindset.C.I.A. Program
Learn at your own pace.
We provide a free member’s smartphone App to track your training progress (for both Boxing and Jiu Jitsu), you can see your subscription account info and stay in touch with gym events, social outings, etc.
A fun and non-boring way to manage your weight, gain some strength, make new friends, and learn in a safe, clean and supportive environment CMD Malaysia