One Day or Day One: Your Choice Determines Your Future

Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia HQ

Crazy Monkey Defense Program is a licensed brand originating from South Africa (more:
 CMD Malaysia has been providing the CMD Boxing programs since 2003 in Bangsar.
 Focused on effective self preservation, positive mental and personal mastery as its primary goals, CMD Boxing serves as a proven method to prepare yourself for the stresses of daily life in your personal as well as your professional

Try out any of our program offerings to start your Day One.
Trial Class: Every Monday 8pm

Beginner Classes: Every Monday & Wednesday 8pm

Advanced Classes: Every Monday & Wednesday 9pm

Loaner gloves are provided or you are welcome to use your own boxing gloves.

We don’t need to use hand wraps other than to soak up sweat.

Wear loose comfortable tee shirt and workout shorts.

Training shoes are not required as the gym has fully matted floors.

Bring a change of clothing
Hot showers, bathrooms are on site
Bring your own water bottle
We sell bottled water (1.5l) and isotonic sports drinks

Please do not eat in the training area

Please switch your mobile phones to SILENT mode as there are other people in the class

Save the selfies for the end of class and catch your pic on our Instagram and FaceBook page

Modules include:
1. Kicking curriculum
2. Edged Weapon defense
3. Defending from the ground
4. We also provide customised Corporate Personal Safety events
Trial Class: Every Tuesday 8pm – 9:30pm

General Classes: Every Tuesday & Thursdays 8pm

Develop your confidence if the fight ends up on the ground. Learn one of the most effective martial arts in the world. It is ideal for one-to-one combat and for women. Learn how to use an inferior positional to your advantage, reversals, chokes, joint locks and defenses against strikes.

CMD Malaysia Monkey Jits Professor:
Vince Choo, Black Belt

CMD Australia Monkey Jits Professor:
James Woodfield-Jones, 1st Degree Black Belt

CMD International Monkey Jits Professor:
Rodney King, 4th Degree Black Belt

Affiliated with:
Rigan Machado, 8th Degree Black Belt

We charge RM15 for the use and laundry of our jiu jitsu uniform. Collect your loaner uniform from our front desk and return it inside the plastic bag when you’ve finished the class.

If you have your own BJJ or Judo uniform please wear it.

The C.I.A. program is part of the CMD Boxing curriculum where we study effective techniques dealing with crimes of opportunity

A major part of the C.I.A. program studies the effective Edged Weapon defense techniques

You must be already Certified as White Gloves in CMD Boxing to take part in the C.I.A Program
Learn at your own pace.
We provide a free member’s smartphone App to track your training progress (for both Boxing and Jiu Jitsu), you can see your subscription account info and stay in touch with gym events, social outings, etc.
Developing physical and mental resilience to face daily stresses is easy.
You get to complete your regular physical exercises, engage in a playful and fun competitive and challenging learning environment.
You will feel recharged and revitalized for the next day ahead.
We accept kids above 13 years old who will join the regular classes.
Sorry we don’t provide women only or women trainers in our classes.