Patrick Pincon: CMD Trainer

Patrick Pincon

What is required in your line of work?

I work in IT and am self-employed, working to install and consult on BPM (Business Process Management) systems – i started this business at the end of last year, before that i was a Director for a Document Management System business.

For my line of work i have to do a lot of interaction with clients and their IT teams as well as project management on our side with our small team. Typically a fair amount of travelling within Malaysia is involved as well. I would say, patience, good communication and fostering a culture of trust within our team are the main requirements for my job.

How did you end up in the CMD trainers program?

I started out doing BJJ in the old KDT gym which is where i met Vince. I recall that i hurt my calf at one point and that’s how i ended up taking up CM since i couldn’t roll for a few months. Got hooked to it and continued training for a year or two before being asked if i was interested in joining the trainer’s program that was being set up.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

For the enterprise part of my job, its typically trying to find partners who are trustworthy and committed. For the technical part, it would be in the running of a team in order to meet our goals and timelines (while keeping the client happy).

What do you think of CMD’s growth success over the years?

Phenomenal! I’ve seen it grow now from a small core of afficionados to having all our other CMD members worldwide coming every year to train in our gym – really awesome to see, and the feedback from the new members always keeps me pumped about the program, truly for the everyday man and woman.

How have you personally grown over the years?

I feel that i am a lot more well-rounded now and more confident in my depth of understanding thanks to being exposed to various aspects of CMD, especially the CIA and EMP courses which i never thought about when i first started. It has also been a very enlightening experience to be helping out actively with the self-defence corporate programs that we run as well. As a trainer i’ve found that i’ve become a lot more confident in the running of classes and interacting with clients, especially in the long run.

What aspects do you enjoy most from the CMD Trainer’s Program?

There are many, but i’ll boil it down to two main ones. Firstly, to see someone grow in skill and confidence as a direct result of your tutelage over time – there’s really no better feeling than that! Secondly, to be able to try out and actively organize and partake in the plethora of programmes that make up the whole of the CMD experience (Kick core, CIA, etc.) was awesome to behold as well – really increased my understanding in the overall picture, for example physiological reactions, the mental game, and even competition training to name a few.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

I’ve been accused of having way too many ‘hobbies’ over the years – to name a few, i used to be a very active paintballer for many years, and am still an avid boardgamer and RPGer amongst many (MANY) other things…

You’ve been in this industry for a number of years. What advice do you have for younger generation who are just getting started in their career? Are you proud of any achievements made at CMD Malaysia?

I would say, sit back and enjoy the ride – train hard, push yourself, play and try new things, but most importantly be CONSISTENT in what you do at CMD!