FizFit (Beginner/Intermediate)
Coach: SanjayAnonymous (March 2020)
the workouts written on the whiteboard always look easy but it becomes a killer when you’re actually doing it. always came back for more tho!


FizFit (Beginner/Intermediate)
Coach: VinceAnonymous (March 2020)
Vince is really patient with beginners. Great class with a variety of movements which makes the session fun and enjoyable.


CMD Boxing – Core16
Coach: Patrick PinconAnonymous (March 2020)
Instructor explained every details of boxing. The reasons for every postures. I’ve been to other studio for boxing but non of them explained. Good to learn, class was interesting and fun!


Kettlebell (Beginners)
Coach: MaxIye Szin (March 2020)


Coach: VinceIye Szin (March 2020)
Fun and great class!


FizFit (Beginner/Intermediate)
Coach: SanjayAnonymous (Feb '20)
it was alot of fun and the people there are really nice.


Coach: Vince
Dzamira (Feb '20)

Fun and effective! Vince is great and attentive. Will come back again!


Monkey Jits
Coach: Vince
Terence Yeo (Jan '20)

Just rock up even if you are beginners cause the coach and people are amazing


FizFit Beginner/Intermediate
Coach: Max
Shukdesh Satthiaseelan

The class was amazing and Max was a great instructor


Monkey JitsAnonymous (Jul '19)

I like how the Coach demonstrated each move several times at different angles, and sometimes in slow motion. Great explanation and breakdown of the techniques in simple step – certainly an advantage for beginners or slow learners. More experienced members were helpful to guide us when required. Great vibe of the class. Definitely would come back for the next class.


Boxing ClassAnonymous (Jul '19)

very good,Vince is great on technique. I definitely need more practice (TT)


Monkey JitsAnonymous (Jun '19)

Came back a second round, because the first time is to get over the fear of doing it, the second time is to decide if you like doing it or not. As usual, clear instructions by Coach Vince and helpful experienced members in reexplaining the self defense methods and correct with my alignment during partner work. (Slightly) more comfortable with physical contact. Will definitely be back for more.


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CMD Boxing (Beginner/Intermediate)Anonymous (Jun '19)

What a fun class! A non intimidating experience for beginners. Vince was patient and attentive towards us and the regulars were really helpful and friendly as well.


Monkey JitsAnonymous (Jul '19)

I like how the Coach demonstrated each move several times at different angles, and sometimes in slow motion. Great explanation and breakdown of the techniques in simple step – certainly an advantage for beginners or slow learners. More experienced members were helpful to guide us when required. Great vibe of the class. Definitely would come back for the next class.


Kettlebell ProgramAnonymous (Nov '18)

Wonderful class for beginners. I am more confident to use kettlebells for my workouts now.


FizFit Beginner/Intermediate ProgramAnonymous (Nov '18)

I love all the trainers at this gym, they’re super attentive.


FizFit Beginner/Intermediate
Coach: Sanjay
Anonymous (Nov '18)

a really good class that contains variety and target multiple muscles


CMD Boxing ProgramAnonymous (Nov '18)

Coach Vince was very detailed in his explanation on stance and posture on beginners like us. He is able to split the coaching of both intermediate and beginners. Suitable for all levels. Boxing gloves are provided.


Monkey Jits ProgramAnonymous (Nov '18)

Coach Vince is clear with his instructions. Great to have more experienced members guidance during partner work. Thanks Pat, Reuben, Daryl, Johan and the rest for your patience!



Picking up a new sports/skills is never easy decision for everyone. I have actually been struggling to find ‘the’ thing to do about my fitness routine and going to a common gym and hitting the treadmills is boring. After trying out CMD group classes, not only the instructors are being attentive and motivating but the gym partners who are there shares the same goal similar as me. On the other hand, CMD has a very versatile offering in terms of their program as everything is interrelated from self defense to being fit and meeting your goal which keep me coming back for more !

GIVING CMD 5 StarsFarrah (May 2016)

It’s my sanctuary! The trainers are excellent and knowledgeable in their particular field. Never a boring day at CMD! It’s always a kick-ass and fun at the same time session. Trainers are always keeping the class fresh and interesting (imagine rolling with Westlife playlist)

Atmosphere is amazing and motivating, you’ll love the blue and yellow hue, it lights up the mood!

LADIES! If you’re interested in doing BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) CMD is the right place to start your BJJ career. Vince ( very gentle and sweet but extremely lethal black belt instructor) will break down the moves and explain thoroughly why it is or isn’t working. Don’t feel intimidated by sweaty guys sparring and trying to choke each other out. We’re like family here. These people will work with you and make sure you get it right. I never felt judged, only encouraged to keep going. Its impossible to feel left out here at CMD.


Stumbled upon the CMD programme in April 2009 and it turned out to be one of the better chance encounters in my life. The CMD programme comes with a free FizFit or Kettlebell class per week. Personally, I prefer FizFit. Having had active memberships in more than 4 franchised gyms over the years, I can confidently say that FizFit is one of the better programmes in terms of building strength and cardio. Each class is structured differently, and that keeps it interesting and challenging in its own right.

As for the CMD itself, there is only a handful of female participants/students and more often than not, I would be the only fairer gender on the mats. The programme consists of stand-up (boxing) and ground (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Grappling) components. The first observation of classes was slightly unnerving, and I questioned my rationale for signing up for this self-defense/martial arts programme. Boys/men punching and tackling each other, and grappling in such close proximity is certainly not a pretty sight.

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try for 3 months. Now, 3 years on, I can say that I have not had any major injuries, and I am happy with my fitness level, considering that I am in my late 30s. Realistically, it will surely take some time to adapt to being “punched” but it is something that I have come to accept as part of this programme. As for BJJ, I totally enjoy it and for the record, the last thing you think about is about how physically close you are to another person, as the primary concern is get out of a bad position and move into a position of control.

Watching passively and experiencing the programme itself is very different. I can’t stress that enough, so it is best to experience it for yourself. More importantly, I have picked up many useful and functional self-defense tips and techniques. Best part about being the “weaker gender” in this male-dominated programme? The male trainers or more experienced practitioners at CMD Bangsar tend to be gentler on you, while you get to go slightly harder at them! Generally, it’s a great female-friendly place to train martial arts and get fit.


I joined the CMD Malaysia boxing partly for fitness, and partly for self-defense. Having no experience in grappling arts, I later joined the BJJ program out of curiosity. Both programs are self-defense oriented, focusing on simpler techniques for realistic situations that one may encounter. The programs are structured and I feel are beginner friendly, emphasising good technique over strength or physique. A progress tracker gives me clear vision of what I have accomplished and where I am headed. The best part of the programs is the trainers. They have been patient from the beginning, never condescending or overzealous. They ensure the classes are always lively, fun, and stepping up the intensity to match our progress. Fellow gym members are always friendly, frequently giving positive feedback. Thanks to this program, I have achieved my initial fitness goals and beyond. I feel that the performance under stress and emotional control has carried over to other aspects of my daily life. Always improving, always facing new challenges, always a good workout, are some of the reasons I keep coming back.


What sets CMD apart from the rest of the fitness centres is that it’s not just your run-of-the-mill type of gym that’s cold and faceless. And the members are actually there to train! For me, the people behind any service or product make itwhat it is. Vince’s warmth and genuine concern for the members is likewise reflected by the CMD trainers – which makes a world of difference. I LOVE the energy in CMD. I’ve honestly never enjoyed training more. CMD rocks. Seriously.


Vince Choo and the trainers at CMD Malaysia have managed to design and implement a well-balanced training system. By integrating an effective, highly practical self-defense system with the best ‘live’ training methods of wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Western boxing, and Muay Thai, the CMD team manages to keep exercise interesting, practical, and fun. Even though we spend night after night kicking, punching, and choking each other, there is a great team spirit and everyone leaves the gym exhausted, but with a smile on their face. After completing the rookie program, you start to work closely with qualified trainers meet your individual training goals. In my case, that meant working with Vince and trainers Pat and Mike to prepare for a sport BJJ competition. They put in lots of extra mat time getting me ready, tailoring a strategy and training regimen to play to my strengths. They show the same commitment and individualized attention to everyone, whether your goal is self-preservation or learning how to throw a half-decent jab. I highly recommend CMD to anyone looking for a good workout, some realistic defense training, or just to make friends.


This is the best dojo to be training at if you want to learn a great mixed martial arts style system with a Crazy Monkey twist. Learn how to strike, clinch and grapple your way to becoming a champion, not just on the mats, but in life as well. If it works for me, it can work for you! Crazy Monkey Defense! A martial art suitable for all ages and from all walks of life! Sign up, have fun and perhaps I might be sparring and rolling with you someday


This is where I go; thank god for them. An amazing team of trainers who are concerned more about form rather than reps!


I joined as a CMD member on my birthday in 2009. What a birthday pressie for myself! I had no clue what CMD was all about though I did a month or two researching the program but I still little idea as I had no prior martial arts background. I joined this program for self defense and not to bash up anyone. It was also for weight management. Yes, losing weight! I’ve had a “yo-yo” weight problem most of my life and I wanted to get into a program that would motivate me to keep training.

During the interview with Vince (yes, back in those days), I could sense his encouragement to join this program. It was the “right remedy” and he was so right. Without any doubts or second thought I joined as a CMD member.

My life has changed since. I didn’t know that CMD had so much to offer. It is more than just learning how to roll or spar or learning self-defense. It taught me how to think, act, mental focus, improved my confidence, remaining calm, improved my self-esteem, and enjoying the team’s support, on and off the mats. It took me a year to understand how to apply the lessons on the mats and another 3 years to apply these lessons off the mats in my daily life. In addition to a health philosophy, there are some awesome team members in the program and they’re my extended family members. Since Day 1, they’ve all been very nice, friendly and helpful. During Open Mats (held every Saturday afternoon), they’ll come and teach me something new or will improve my skills without any hesitation. Off the mats, we’ll go out for drinks, meals, movies or baking classes. The best part of this program is there is zero competition. The only person you’ll compete with is yourself.

My weight lost issue is not the biggest issue now though I am still working hard on it. At least my weight maintains at all time and seeing my physical and mental fitness improve. I love this program. Thank you so much for introducing this program to me, Vince Choo.


I never learned any martial arts in my life and I wanted to. Therefore, CMD program is my first martial art class and I learnt on the attacking and defending skills.There are still many things and knowledge to learn in this program. In CMD program, I learnt and practiced on how to focus when attacking and defending. I feel that the focus practice help me in my work life. I also met new people from different backgrounds and made new friends from the program. I would recommend CMD Malaysia to other people.

AWESOME FUNHiong (June 2012)

Awesome trainers.

Awesome tribes mates.

Awesome space.

Awesome skills.

Awesome fun.

I only have 2 words of advice – Get involved.

I strongly recommend this to anyoneAlvin (Oct 2011)

I find the envinronment very welcoming right from the start. I enjoyed my my time there because there was no ego on the mat and everyone is so helpful. I strongly recommend this to anyone who likes to gain some self-defense knowledge in a non-threatening manner.