The journey continues

There are many clichés about training in the martial arts and none ring truer than the personal journey that is yours alone but to travel far is to travel together. So with no further adieu my deepest thanks to Professor Rodney for awarding and recognising me with 1st degree Black Belt and I’m proud to be representing Monkey Jits and Crazy Monkey Defense. Thank you to my team mates, co-trainers and clients who, consciously or otherwise, have helped shaped me into becoming a better trainer via your challenging questions, better sparring partner via your vigorous rolls, and better person in providing opportunities to temper knee-jerk reactions and emotional flare ups.

1st degree Black Belt

It seems that I’m terrible at acceptance speeches and it’s not often that you find me without anything to say save for these rare occassions when I’m on the receiving end of these awards. Unprepared,  flat-footed, and self-conscious compounds to a loss of words and a multitude of emotions swirl about my head making it difficult for coherence to emerge. Words choke up in my gullet and deciding between swallowing the next breath of air or verbalizing jumbled words of gratitude and thanks reaches a Mexican stand-off.

After a few days when the concept finally sinks in and this new reality is accepted into my feeble mind words start to flow again and the best expression is via the written word. It will be calmer, allowing for more precise and descriptive expression of thoughts and feelings that seemed like a impossible chasm to cross just days earlier.

It’s been an enjoyable path, a slow, tempered journey where I not only learnt a deeper and unique approach about Jiu Jitsu the Monkey Jits way but also mainly about developing leadership skills, managing the health and safety and promoting safety while practicing effective techniques to our clients worldwide. It is overwhelming and humbling to have been recognised that I’m on the right path with the focus on martial arts as the primary function of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and sports next.

Onwards and upwards.

In servitude,

Vince Choo