What are your reasons for coming to a gym?
To learn personal safety skills? To develop self confidence? To train your body to become stronger, fitter and more resilient? To develop a new social circle of like-minded friends? To take lessons learned on the mats and apply them in your daily life? Stress management? There is no right or wrong answer. Only your answer.

Whatever your reasons, we can inform you whether or not we are able to provide a solution for your concerns in our Free Intro class.


In our Personal Training Sessions (on-to-one) and Exclusive Class Sessions (limited to 6 people)
You define what area of martial arts or personal safety that you are most keen on and together, we address those concerns in a systematic way starting with helping you build an athletic base and understanding our FourDrivers™ platform.

We call this process a “co-creative” class. Why is this important? For the same reason why you wouldn’t walk into a restaurant serving burgers when you want to enjoy a pasta meal.


In our Group Training Sessions
Co-creative classes are possible via group consensus. Here variety of skill and experience levels provide you with the variables that offer a different type of challenge-play.



Customised Training for your Private Group or Company
We can arrange small group, semi-private training for any of our program offerings to large-scale corporate events. Getting in touch with us is easy and with over 12 year’s Corporate Workshops experience we are confident that we are able to provide your group with the event that you are seeking.


Adjust your level of class intensity
Concerned about going to work with a black eye, broken nose or suffering an injury? The majority of our clients are working professionals who cannot afford to be injured or take medical leave. In light of these concerns, our training sessions are based on your requirements and your present abilities. Some days you might feel like going strong while other days you might want a slower pace. Let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate your request. The training experience should not be a “cookie-cutter/ one-size-fits-all” experience. Safety, effectiveness and enjoyment are pertinent requirements in a productive training session.