Monkey Jits

In by Vince


We believe first and foremost Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a ‘MARTIAL’ Art. We therefore ensure that we focus on teaching our students how to successfully defend themselves with their jiu-jitsu skills. As such we present a cutting edge, up to date, proven approach to self-preservation training.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t believe live rolling isn’t important. On the contrary, it is in the roll where you learn to be calm, focused, precise and develop timing. All these ‘skills’ are key in your ability to successfully apply your jiu-jitsu skills in self-preservation. Not withstanding, live rolling is ‘serious’ fun, personally challenging, and where you have the opportunity to experience the flow state.

Thirdly, jiu-jitsu is often said to change people’s lives, first on the mat, and then in the world. We firmly believe this too. Except we don’t leave it to chance. We integrate cutting edge personal development coaching, mindfulness research and performance psychology into our training approach.