Winning at competitions but we’re not a competition gym!?



A number of CMD Members recently decided to take part in some local events, namely Malaysian Invasion MMA (MIMMA), KL Open BJJ competition, and Ultimate Beatdown (UB) mixed martial arts competition held in Johor Bahru. Their personal motivations for taking part varied from wanting to have a competitive experience to setting a personal challenge. The majority of our members do not compete instead they rise to the daily challenges at work, family responsibilities, dealing with demanding clients and life in general. The competitors represent only a 6% of our membership.

Interestingly, the handful of gym members who decided to take part in these events were complete newbies, that’s to say, these were their first exposure to competition and all did remarkably well, placing in the top 3 or winning the event. Bear in mind that we are not a competitive gym nor have a stable of fighters or specialised competition preparation program. We also don’t conduct any separate competition team training so this is testament in the functionality of the CMD and Monkey Jits program.

We train for health, fitness and personal growth. It’s fun, fulfilling and functional and it’s proven under competitive pressure and rules. Allow yourself to imagine how this positive and powerful information will improve and help you with your personal and professional life. Let me clarify that competition is not the only way to measure one’s progress, there are many paths to fulfilling your personal objectives and I will be happy to help you determine those goals.

Training and competition doesn’t have to be focused on the negative aspects rather a healthy and positive mindset will help you deal with many self confidence and esteem issues. I strongly believe if you are considering trying out a martial arts program do your homework and find a gym that will help you achieve your personal objectives and not simply chasing medals.

I believe the experience for these competitors was discovered somewhere along the journey rather than the destination. Their podium stand is the symbol that they went to the right gym for them.