A participatory presentation where you learn about the “Rules of the Street” and how to avoid being the next crime victim.


First off, thank you for visiting our website.

We have closed our 2013 registration and will publish our 2014 registration next year.

Over the past few months, we have been overwhelmed by the response for the search for accurate information on womens’ personal safety and would like to take this opportunity to thank you. This interest is a sad reflection of the current times we live in and it is sad that crime has encroached  into our personal lives. I thank you for attending this series of informative presentations that will lead to workshops and eventually to something a little more permanent.


A little more about us and what we do:

CMD Malaysia provides effective personal safety strategies and tactics. In essence, we teach you how to win a fight even before it starts!

Much of this involves information, preparation and continuing education.

Our mission is to provide this information to those who are exposed to random acts of violence in their daily lives.

This pretty much includes everyone unless you you live on a desert island by yourself.

We don’t promise or want to change you into a super hero. We don’t want you to do things that you can’t do. We want you to observe and use your most powerful weapons first before resorting to your weakest weapons, your fists!

Open to adult women (18 & up)

Workshop is conducted in English

Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants are required to attend BOTH sessions.  If you cannot attend both sessions please inform the organizers.
  • You can attend Phase 1, Part 1 in one intake and Phase 1, Part 2 during another presentation, however, as this is a free course, we may not take accurate attendance as we do not have the manpower to handle this kind of admin work.
  • Please show up on time. We will refuse entry so as not to interrupt the flow of the class. We close the doors at 10:05am
  • Some participants may find it difficult to locate our studio. Please view the map and video directions before you show up.
  • You may not skip the first session and show up on the second session.
  • You may not “bring a friend” without registering her participation.
  • Be considerate and SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE
  • Be a good training partner. Being overly competitive/aggressive will hamper your learning.
  • Food and drinks on the mats is not permitted.
  • It goes without saying that you should keep your jewelry and valuables off the training area. Do not leave them around inside the gym as we are not responsible for lost items and will not hunt high and low for your items if misplaced.
  • Wear suitable attire for each phase of the class. Shoes are not required unless you have a foot related injury and require footwear. Permitted footwear is clean, indoor-only with non-marking soles.
  • Important: Minimum 8 participants per session or it will postponed

There are 2 phases of how we achieve this:

Phase 1 :

The course will be 2 weekends (usually a Saturday) to provide the foundation information to the participants.

Dates: 2014 Dates will be published in February

Each session will be no longer than 1:10 hours and will slowly progress from information provision to physical preparedness exercises to activate your athletic base.

Cost: Bring a female friend. Why is it FREE?

Provides: Information. Participants are restricted to adult females only. Please bring a notebook, water, your questions and we will try to answer your specific questions.

Prerequisites: Female, 18 years old and above. Participants may opt out of physical training and observe in case of poor physical conditioning.


This phase is conducted over 2 consecutive weekends on Saturdays at 10am.

Question: Click here if I want to host a workshop at my office

Phase 2 : 

Dates: 2014 Dates will be published in February

The course will be 2 weekends (usually a Saturday) to provide the foundation information to the participants.

Each session will be no longer than 1:10 hours and will slowly progress from information provision to physical preparedness exercises to activate your athletic base.

Cost: Bring a female friend. Why is it FREE? or you can choose to donate a RM50 towards Yayasan Chow Kit

Provides: Information. Participants are restricted to adult females only. Please bring a notebook, water, prepare any questions that you are willing to share with the group and we will provide some solutions

Prerequisites: Phase 1 Completion

This phase is conducted over 2 consecutive weekends on Saturdays at 11am.

Time: 11am sharp. We reserve the right to refuse entry after 10:05am and make any changes or withdraw the program at any time.

Venue: CMD Malaysia

Phase 3: Keep it sharp & handy

Continuing education through the healthy practice of a FUNctional martial art such as CMD.

If you tend a home garden, you will know that flowers do not bloom over night nor will the herbs and vegetables grow instantly. It takes care, patience and skilled knowledge to develop those “green fingers”. Learning about your personal safety and those of your loved ones will enable you to take the first step and like gardening skills; however, these skills are unfortunately perishable. They need regular practice otherwise they wither away and die only to be replaced by weeds quicker than you think.

Cost: Depends on the subscription level


You can fast-track straight to the CMD Program at anytime



Women’s Personal Safety presentation in The Star newspaper (29 July 2012)

(click to zoom)


Pay attention to your surroundings in public areas. Don’t be like this unfortunate chap

Talking or SMS-ing on your smartphone on the move, on foot or in your car can lead to disastrous consequences!

Get started now!

  1. Please register your participation
  2. Ask your friend to register too and indicate that you will attend together.
  3. You can attend Phase 1 only but not Phase 2. Please note the prerequisites.
  4. We will limit the intakes into smaller groups of 12-16 people and work with everyone until they feel that they have achieved something useful.
  5. You can also help us by spreading the word about our free program to your colleagues, family members and friends.
  6. Please remember, for now we will accept women only aged 16 upwards.

Important note:

If you are a pre-existing injury or medical condition you must inform the course organizers BEFORE the commencement of the course.

Rigorous physical activity will be involved. If you are unable or unwilling to participate you can excuse yourself from the exercises.