I want to host a Women’s Personal Safety workshop at my office, what do I need to do?

In by Vince

We currently offer Women’s Personal Safety course at our studio in Bangsar which is held every Saturday at 10am. There are 3 parts to the course, part 1 & 2 comprises of 2 days  of 1 hour per day and part 3 is an on-going program.

As you are interested in conducing a bespoke on-site workshop, we charge as follows:

Minimum participants: 30

Cost per pax: RM 40 (e.g. RM40 x 30)

Duration: 2 hours (can be customised to your requirements)

Trainer: 1 (head trainer: Vince Choo)



1. Awareness

2. Avoidance

3. Escape


In the modules, we provide information, drills and exercises for the participants to engage and to practice.

The objective of the course is NOT to give a false sense of security or to transform any of the participants into a professional fighter in 2 hours.




We usually conduct the course at our facility because it is best suited for Physical Activity.

If you wish to conduct the course at your office, it may not be conducive to learn.


We will require a health declaration and indemnity letter from your company to cover any mishaps and injuries that might happen during the course.



Frequently asked Questions:

1)      What is the split between theory and practical (defense moves/etc)?

80% will be information and education and 20% physical. During the presentation you will understand what I mean.

2)      If we do it at your studio, do you have sufficient parking space for 50 pax?  If we decide to do it at a large office space, what is the implication, i.e. what wont we be able to do/etc.?

My Bangsar studio has maximum parking lot for about 20 cars. If you car pool then it will be ok. There are also a taxi stand on the main road on Jln Maarof outside the Petronas station.

If you conduct this at your office then I will not be able to demonstrate the ground defense component (i.e. falling to the ground and getting up) and I am concerned if/when people fall due to some of the drills they might hurt themselves.

My facility is fully matted and have padded walls. The most comfortable capacity is around 35-40 pax. 50 is doable as it is mostly a presentation and Q&A as I try to present the information in broad stroke principles and answer participant’s specific questions/needs.

Moving your team out of their usual office environment will also be beneficial to learning.


3)      What does the RM40/pax covers – all equipments/notes/light refreshments?

We will provide the training information but no food as the session is short and we don’t permit food in the training area due to hygiene concerns and as this may involve physical activity we strongly recommend no food be consumed up to an hour before the session.


A 50% deposit is required on confirmation due to the large volume of enquiries.


Please issue payment to Vici Consolidated Sdn Bhd.


Thank you and please let us know if you wish to proceed with the times and date.